My Creative Canvas  

Canvas, Wine Glass & Wood Paint Parties  

Corporate Events and Team-Building

Exploring creative interests, like painting, can give you an outlet that keeps your mind stimulated and helps you approach projects from a different perspective. 

Make your next corporate event a function to foster and encourage creativity! 

My Creative Canvas offers several corporate paint party and team-building options. Each event is customized individually for that group. Our talented team will be there to help and instruct every step of the way to ensure your event a fun and memorable experience.



Collaborative Collage - All artists paint a smaller portion of a larger scene. When put together you will have 1 large group painting. Many groups select a smaller size canvas for this option based on where they will be hanging it and the space they have available. Options can be the company logo, something that represents that company's mission, a local scene, a canvas in our art gallery, or just something that goes with the decor. Each canvas is preketched and a small image of what that section of the canvas should look with how-to instructions is provided. A big unveiling happens at the end when we put all the pieces together.

Group Class - One canvas is selected and step-by-step instruction is provided. Each artist will create their own canvas.  

Musical Canvas - Similar to musical chairs, where each artist moves to a different seat to paint a section of everyone's canvas. Step-by-step instruction is provided as the group paints the canvas selected. When done, everyone has their own painting to take home painted by the 

entire group. 

Painting Party Includes

All supplies to use that day (easels, paint brushes, paints, palettes, smocks, table coverings, 

and canvases) along with step-by-step instruction by our local professional artist. You will 

need to provide tables and chairs for your guests if the event is not hosted at one of our partner locations. 

We also offer wine glass painting and holiday ornament painting!

For more information and pricing, please email us at [email protected]